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Emma Holden

07850 538 594


A little about me...

My name is Emma Holden and I like to succeed in life the best way I can! From the early age of 6, I took up ice skating and throughout my career I competed in hundreds of local and international competitions. Eventually, I retired and became a figure skating coach for just over 10 years, Then one day I decided to delve into one of my other passions which is travel and aviation For the last seventeen years I have planned and mapped out vacations, whilst working in aviation. I have planned some real adventures for people! From route 66, driving east to west across the USA to road tripping around Texas. I have personally covered 38 states! I love to share my personal experiences with my clients, whilst having their needs (and dreams) at the forefront of my mind! I like to go where most people would never think of going. I enjoy hiking and being outside. I love dogs and of course I have itchy feet and love to travel and fly! Oh and I could talk your ears off about many facts regarding flying and aircrafts.

What I can help with?

No challenge is too challenging for me. If you have that challenging request, I will overcome it. I can assist in many ways. From advice and recommendations, to where the best seat is on the plane. I believe that your holiday starts from when you first start planning and I intend to make that process as enjoyable as possible.

Why use me?

In a world that has become so price driven, we have lost some of the little fun parts of shopping. And travel is one of those victims. Things have changed. And my prices are just as competitive as the next company. What I offer is a personal service. Tailored to you. One number. One email address. One person for it all.

My achievements

I achieved countless awards in Ice Skating, in the UK and abroad. I have conquered the monster of road trips, Route 66. And most of all, I have achieved my dream of realising peoples dreams in sending them on incredible, life changing adventures that they will never forget.

Pick of the Day

The World Has Changed For The Better

Covid 19 has shown travellers that booking online is not as cheap as they thought. With many people waiting months for refunds and others waiting
even longer just to get through to speak with a human at the online travel provider,
the world has realised the value of the human connection.

Quality Advice

Our agents take the time to get to know you and what you want from your holiday. The investment in time means you get quality advice which allows you to book the most suitable holiday for your needs and budget.

Value for Money

It is a myth that booking online saves money. That may have been true at the turn of the century, but today, travel agents will often get you a better deal offline!

Personal Interest

Our personal travel assistants are building their own personal brands and only earn from bookings they make. If you have a great experience, you will come back to book again and recommend them to your friends.


Above all else, every personal travel assistant that offers a concierge service loves to travel, loves arranging for people travel and loves talking about travel.

5 Reasons To Book With Us

We don’t just let anyone become a Personal Travel Assistant for the Travel Concierge Club.
We have a rigorous selection process and only accept those that represent the very best the travel
industry have to offer. These are just 5 reasons why you should book with us.



Our PTAs have developed a wealth of knowledge through personal travel, extensive training with hotels, airlines, tourist boards, cruise lines and travel ancillary providers. This knowledge is being continuously refined as our consultants get feedback from their clients, continue to undertake more training and travel to the destinations themselves.



Working in travel allows every PTA to travel regularly on supplier organised familiarisation trips in addition to their own personal travel. This personal experience allows them to identify what products and services will be most suitable for each of their clients.



We work with trade divisions of tour operators, airlines, hotels and other suppliers. Suppliers can afford to lose a single direct sell client, but they cannot afford to lose an agent that provides hundreds of bookings. In times like Covid 19, we leverage that position to secure refunds and changes for our clients ahead of the direct sell clients of the supplier.



You have a human face, name, and direct contact details for the person who will book your travel, make any amendments you need, sort out any individual requirements you may have whilst you are away and deal with any issues when they arise. You won’t have to worry about holding for hours and speaking to someone new every time you call in a foreign call centre!



Travel is an incestuous industry- people never leave, they just move around. Our PTAs develop relationships with hoteliers, airline managers, cruise reps and other industry professionals and leverage these relationships for added value benefit for their clients and also to sort things out when events like Covid 19 happen.