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Enjoy the ostentatious glitz and dream-like atmosphere of the world's fastest growing city

Holiday Offers

Below is a selection of our most popular Dubai Holiday Offers. At Travel Concierge we take pride in not only offering an exceptionally high standard of service, but also the best value for money on Dubai holidays. You will be able to view more Dubai holiday deals on the offers page. If you can't find the Dubai deal you are looking for, please call one of our Dubai reservations consultants on 0161 729 0099

Destination Overview

When October fog takes over Dubai's brick and mortar canopy, holiday makers enjoy the ostentatious glitz of the world's fastest growing city in a dream-like atmosphere that remains unrivalled in the urban world. The startling constructions belie Dubai's past as a sleepy fishing town.

A little of the third world has been left behind, where camel trainers, traditional wind towers and calm desert sands are found facing a mystical backdrop of first world excesses. Dubai can be defined by its contrasts, which are most evident in its position as a lush tourism hub that is at the same time home to thousands of migrant. 

Your holiday to Dubai can be tailored towards a more profound and meaningful expedition through its cultural hotspots and ecotourism destinations. The Sheik Mohammed Centre introduces guests to the city's customs, history and religion. Dolphin Bay is considered one of Dubai's greatest assets for its premium marine habitats and interactive shows. Swim with the ocean's kindest aquatic creatures in a tropical setting as they tow you out to the lagoon's depths. Immerse yourself in Dubai's most characteristic ecosystem featuring sand plains and desert dunes at the Desert Conservation Reserve. The spectacular Dubai fountains create a watery musical landscape with fountains that rise to the heights of a 50 storey building. Alternatively, enjoy the city's most magnetic tourist attraction, Burj Khalifa, which offers a real time telescopic view of the skyline from the top of the tallest skyscraper in the world. 

  It doesn't take an expert in architecture to recognize the bold splendour of Dubai's cityscape, and the masterpiece that supersedes all is the lofty Burj Khalifa. The world's tallest building is surrounded by stellar displays of grandeur and sparkling night life. The park's design blends greenery, lighting and sculptural water features to achieve an eerie backdrop for outdoor dining, ice skating and marine life viewing at the strategically placed Dubai Mall. Every destination on your holiday in Dubai is delivered in style. The Aquarium and underwater zoo presents diversity gargantuan enough to win rank as one of Lonely Planet's premier global destinations. Extremists can scuba dive with sharks, whilst the timid can delve beneath safer waters from within the glass tunnel. Artificial coral and three eco zones act as biomes for rare and fascinating creatures such as giant spider crabs and sea dragons. Active party fiends boogie on ice at disco evenings held at the mall's Olympic size ice rink. Whether your preferred viewing pleasure takes place above or below sea level, the downtown district has what it takes to astonish the most seasoned travellers. 

  Instead of following the path of millions of tourists who have taken before you, holidays in Dubai can be approached from a more unusual angle. For a truly Arabian experience, amble through the local mosques and markets. Practice your haggling skills at the Karama Market, where friendly shopkeepers will introduce you to their secret collections behind closed doors. Enjoy an authentic feast at Gordon Ramsay's culinary outpost at the Dubai hotel, Grosvenor House. Extra Michelin star cuisine is enjoyed at Hilton Dubai creek. A more cultural gastronomy event can be had on Al Dhiyafah street, a local haunt with true Arabic character. Shopping is taken to new heights of absurdity by malls in which guests navigate by water, snowy slopes and aisles dotted with mechanical dinosaurs. Those who have dreams of treasure lined caskets will find their fantasies recreated at the gleaming Gold Souk, where jewels and gems are bartered for in a quality controlled environment. 

When to visit Dubai


Do you need inspiration for when to go on holiday to Dubai? Give the team of experts at Travel Concierge a call and we will help you plan your Dubai holiday at the best time of year for your requirements. Although our Dubai holiday search tool will allow you to search for Dubai holiday prices upto 11 months in advance, we can also price holidays to Dubai for 2025 and 2026. We can advise on the best time to travel on your Dubai holiday based on Dubai weather, special events in Dubai or even when the crowds in Dubai are at their lowest.


Dubai holidays take place in a desert climate with extremities resulting from the city's position on the tropic of cancer. Humidity and temperatures that reach record highs make summer vacations stifling.

Winters are comfortably warm, with coastal regions enjoying a cooler climate than the mainland. The ocean often rises to a spa-like 37 degrees centigrade. Between December and March, thunderstorms add an atmospheric brilliance to Dubai's dramatic landscapes. June is an arid month, whilst rainfall is largely isolated to February. Sandstorms being reduced visibility with powerful gales between April and February. Autumn and spring bring little diversity: conditions are only slightly subtler than those in summer and winter. 

  During the more extreme months of spring, air conditioned indoor amenities have extreme value, which makes the highest ranked hotel in Dubai a welcome treasure. The Burj Al Arab has seven stars to match its grandiose interior. Lobbies are splattered with gold; Rolls Royce fleets cater to every travelling whim, and VIPs are announced by fireworks displays. Mid day is ideal for shopping, but just before the sun sets the cooler weather welcomes more active encounters with the desert landscape.   Take on the dunes in a 4x4 safari guided by trained adventurers. As the sun sets, an eerie shadow is cast across the dunes, offering some incredible photographic opportunities. After the sun dips below the horizon, it's time to settle into an Arabian night featuring desert-style hospitality. Camel rides and belly dancing are accompanied by barbecued meals and local music. 

  Summer's extreme heat traps residents indoors until the sun sets, but the season brings some unique travelling opportunities. Camel racing is a sport that locals take seriously, and tourists can access events at Al Ain road's track four times weekly during the year's hottest months. The sight of camels galloping at break neck speed is a spectacle that is generally reserved for mornings.   Practice sessions are open to spectators throughout the day, but early risers will be treated to the coolest weather. Dubai's beaches are popular among those staying at Dubai hotels out of season, but cooler waters are needed to make mid summer tolerable. Widi Wadi Waterpark offers Arabian adventure themed rides, extreme slides and white water rapids to amp up the adrenalin of the young and the young at heart. 

  The autumn months between October and December are accompanied by weather that is primed for tourism, Plunging temperatures are a welcome change, opening the city for a host of novel experiences outdoors. To escape the glitz of the inner city, sedate Dubai holiday makers find their serenity in the skies above the desert on hot air balloon trips. At sunset, the dunes turn a startling shade of red, transforming the bland sandy palettes into fiery hued sandscapes. Participate in a tribal experience on full moon nights when guests gather at Al Awir's camp for drumming sessions. Those who wish to avoid the crowds can book into desert based hotels in Dubai

  Tropical destinations are at their best during the winter months, particularly when rainfall is negligible. The ocean dips to comfier temperatures, making this the ideal season for Dubai's coastal regions. Swim up bars and poolside loungers take guests from chlorinated waters that lead to the sea. JBR is the most conveniently placed option. Avid scuba fans prefer the wreck dives in Dubai because of the diverse array of tropical fish they attract. Shark rays are the biggest draw card for guests of the Gulf of Oman. January and February are the most festive months of the year, as locals and visitors gather for the annual Shopping Festival. The Global Village brings guests a vast array of rides, circuses and cultural performances from across the globe. 


Why not enhance your Dubai holiday experience by adding on an excursion. Our Dubai excursions have been carefully selected by the product team at Travel Concierge. Booking a Dubai excursion in advance can offer much better value for money than booking the excursions whilst you are on holiday in Dubai.

Top Attractions

You haven't been to a destination until you have seen its most famous attractions! The team at Travel Concierge have put together our recommendations of some of the top attractions in Dubai. If you are looking for advice about the attactions you should visit during your holiday in Dubai, give one of our tailor made holiday experts a call on 0161 729 0099